Frequently Asked Questions

ISSCA’s mission is to be a central resource to the public and medical practitioners on the practice and science of Regenerative Medicine. We aim to set the standard for the accreditation process in Regenerative Medicine through examinations and certifications, and work to establish accepted treatment protocols.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the science behind and the practitioners of regenerative medicine.

Who is the course designer for?

Who teaches the course?

What is the course composed of?

Is there a difference between the on-site training and the online one?

Is a certificate issued at the end of the course?

Do you have to take a final exam?

Does the course count with any endorsement?

Will I be qualified to perform the procedures in my clinic after finishing the course?

Does the course cover injection techniques for various specializations?

What diseases can be treated with stem cells?

What equipment will I need to start working in regenerative medicine after I have completed the course?

Are there any follow-up courses available?

Will I receive any printed material?

In what language is the course taught?

What is the cost of the course, and in which currency do I pay?

What are the payment methods?

Can it be paid in installments or 

Once I make the payment, how long does it take to access the course?

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