Are you  choosing the right cellular products for your patients?

As a physician, you may have heard a lot nowadays about regenerative medicine and cellular products derived from all sorts of human tissue. 

It seems as though every  manufacturer these days is talking about regenerative medicine and cellular products, but can you really cut through all the noise to select the best cellular product for your patients? Do you know how these products are made and what they are actually made of? Do you know what products may work best for which conditions, and how to safely administer them to your patients? 

 ISSCA offers you the opportunity to confidently join one of the most exciting fields in medicine today and become a practitioner of regenerative medicine. Our online training course will cover each of the questions above and more in detail, and will walk you through a series of lectures to ensure that you have the confidence and tools to select the best treatment option available for your patients.

The Course

This course will prepare you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to effectively and safely secure better patient outcomes when using cellular therapies. With our training, you will gain knowledge from leading scientists in the field, information on safety standards and quality control from top manufacturers, be positioned to perform these procedures yourself and open your own Stem Cell Center practice, to join our network and enjoy the benefits of this exponentially growing industry.

Price US$ 650

Delivered via a series of videos, voice-over lectures and supporting documents, we cover everything you need to know about the most popular sources of cellular products derived from neonatal tissue (Exosomes, Mononuclear Layer Cord Blood, Amniotic Fluid).

Gain a deep understanding of cell based procedures and clinical applications with detailed treatment plans and protocols for conditions such as sports injuries, orthopedics, pain management, degenerative diseases, aesthetics applications, erectile dysfunction, and more.

Protect your patients by discerning which products are available and how to use them.  Learn about quality control, safety regulations, and gain access to all the necessary patient forms and documentation required to run a successful regenerative medicine practice.

Our innovative and accessible web-based training course offers you the same training material and contents as our on-site Cellular Therapy  training. The difference is, you can complete this course at your leisure from the comfort of your own office, clinic or home.

Price US$ 650

Certification issued by ISSCA and endorsed by the Universidad Autónoma del BENI: UAB and by the Atlantic International University

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