Online Certification in Cellular Therapies

Biology, Manufacturing Processes, Treatment Protocols and injection training (Bone Marrow, Exosomes, Cord Blood, Adipose Tissue, PRP, Amniotic Fluid)

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The doctors participating will obtain the clinical knowledge to add regenerative medicine to their practices. From the selection of the healthy donor, to what type of therapy to use depending on the patient's condition.

Delivered via a series of videos, voice-over lectures and supporting documents, we cover everything you need to know about the most popular sources of cellular products derived from neonatal tissue (Exosomes, Mononuclear Layer Cord Blood, Amniotic Fluid)

Gain a deep understanding of cell based procedures and clinical applications  with detailed treatment plans and protocols for conditions such as sports injuries, orthopedics, pain management, degenerative diseases, aesthetics applications,  erectile dysfunction, and more.

Protect your patients by discerning which products are available and how to use them.  Learn about quality control, safety regulations, and gain access to all the necessary patient forms and documentation required to run a successful regenerative medicine practice.

Our innovative and accessible web-based training course offers you the same training material and contents as our on-site Cellular Therapy  training. The difference is, you can complete this course at your leisure from the comfort of your own office, clinic or home.

Regular Price US$ 650 | 30% OFF Coupon Code: COURSE30%

The Syllabus

The video lectures

These in-clinic procedural and voice-over slide-based videos cover the full syllabus of the Adipose Derived Stem Cell, Bone Marrow and Platelet Rich Plasma training course.

Meet our Faculty Members

Sammy Joheir

Eric Edgerton

Ming Zhang Jie

Alan Gaveck

Maritza Novas

Chapter 1 – Regenerative Cell Biology and Basic Immunology.
In this chapter, you will learn some of the historical perspectives,  basic immunology, the kinds of regenerative cells there are available for clinical applications  (MSC, HC, EPC Inmunologic cells). Additionally, you will learn the types of stem cells, as well as their characterization and activity. This lecture clarifies and expands on what you already know about Regenerative Cells, and serves as a thorough introduction for those who are less familiar with then.

Chapter 2 – Cellular Products: Characterizations, Components and Properties. 
In this  chapter, you will learn about mononuclear layer cord-blood-derived products, their components, and the characterization of the different type of cells within.

Chapter 3 – Exosomes: Characterization, Review of Growth Factors and Cytokines.
In this chapter, you will learn about the characterization of exosomes, and review growth factors and cytokines. Additionally, Biogenesis  formation, and composition will be discussed, as well as the diversity of exosome functions and an overview of exosome-based diagnostics and therapeutics. Conclusions and future perspectives.

Chapter 4 – Production, Manufacturing and Quality Control.
In this chapter, we will go over donor eligibility and screening, and the processes of sample control and management. Then, we will go over laboratory processing and standards, as well as the procedures for quality control testing and validation.

Chapter 5 – Regulatory Landscape.
In this chapter, we will go over the legal status of  regulation for autologous and allogeneic cellular therapies, as well as the FDA’s stance on regenerative medicine and a currently-standing moratorium. Additionally, we will discus HCT/P (Human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products ) regulations and where the different kinds of cellular treatments fall into these regulations, and provide an overview of homologous use concepts and minimal manipulation considerations, as well as the difference between structural and cellular tissue.

Chapter 6 – Thawing protocol, preparation of mesenchymal cells and cell counting.

In this chapter of the course, a crucial topic for successful mesenchymal cell management will be addressed, focusing on the thawing protocol, cell preparation and cell counting. These steps are critical to ensure optimal viability and functionality of mesenchymal cells prior to therapeutic use.

Chapter 7 – Clinical Applications.Protocol Discussion.

This chapter provides a clinical framework for  the application of cellular products. Additionally, we provide detailed treatment protocols and the scientific literature to support them. We also go over product storage and preparation, the patient selection process, and expectations for patients and their outcomes.

Chapter 8 – Injection Demonstration.

In this chapter, we will provide recordings that demonstrate the preparation of products and injections.

Chapter 9 –  Additional Lectures and Medical Procedures.

In this chapter, we will provide a few more lectures about other commonly-used cell sources and a general overview of managing patient expectations and how to run a successful regenerative medicine practice from your home city.

Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells
Bone marrow has long been the primary source of Stem Cells for use in treatments and is still one of the most effective sources of cells for use in treatments. This lecture covers the science behind stem cells found in bone marrow, and provides an overview for doctors  to extract and isolate them. 

Adipose Derived Regenerative  Cells
Adipose tissue in adult humans contain regenerative cells that are significantly easier to harvest than other types of cell, and which show a greater effectivity, as they are used in the patient’s own treatment. This lecture covers the science behind adipose-derived regenerative cells, as well as their extraction and isolation. 

Chapter 10 – Supporting Documents

Besides the video content, you will have access to a number of downloadable PDF files full of valuable training information.

The Condition Book
The Condition Book includes detailed guides to 7 groups of conditions and their treatment protocols using regenerative and Stem Cell medicine. The conditions covered are:

  • Alopecia Protocol 
  • Osteoarthritis and MSK Conditions
  • Erectile Dysfunction Protocol 
  • Wound Care Protocol 
  • Neurodegenerative Conditions Protocol 
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 
  • Autoimmune Conditions Protocol

The Case Studies

Download various case studies covering several conditions and clinical studies conducted utilizing cellular products.

Patient Forms & Guidelines:

  • Confidential Medical History Form (Editable & Non-Editable)
  • Pre & Post Medical Instruction
  • Safety Guidelines for handling Cell Products
  • Blood work Request Flyer
  • Confirmation of Treatment Form
  • Protocol for mononuclear layer cord blood product therapy
  • Allogeneic Cellular Therapy Implantation Procedure Consent Forms.
  • Follow-up Forms

Regular Price US$ 650 | 30% OFF Coupon Code: COURSE30%

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Regular Price US$ 650 | 30% OFF Coupon Code: COURSE30%