PRP Formulations: Have You heard about Acellular Growth Factor Rich Plasma A-GFRP?
Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the regenerative therapies most popular outhere by concept; it's a sample of blood that[...]
Will stem cells offer hope against COVID-19 Coronavirus?
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The mistake every Doctor should avoid
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Knee replacement alternatives
One of the amputating surgeries in the field of medicine is a knee replacement. It involves removing the knee joint[...]
Conventional and novel stem cell based therapies for androgenic alopecia
Dodanim Talavera-Adame,1 Daniella Newman,2 Nathan Newman1 1American Advanced Medical Corp. (Private Practice), Beverly Hills, CA, 2Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA,[...]
Q&A: What are exosomes, exactly?
by James R. Edgar Abstract Exosomes are extracellular vesicles first described as such 30 years ago and since implicated in cell–cell communication[...]
Amniotic Fluid
When it comes to side effects, ease of preparation, fast treatment times, and cost, PRP is above them all in[...]
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) For Osteopathic Physicians
Although they can perform surgeries, osteopathic physicians try to avoid doing so whenever possible. Because of this, PRP seems to[...]
How does the U.S. FDA regulate cell therapies?
How does the U.S. FDA regulate cell therapies? (351 vs 361 Products) In the United States, cellular therapies are regulated[...]
Global Stem Cells Group names Mehmet Veli Karaaltın, M.D. to Advisory Board
              (Image: Mehmet Veli Karaaltın, M.D.) MIAMI, Jan. 18, 2018—Global Stem Cells Group CEO Benito[...]
ISSCA President Daeyong Kim, Ph.D. Names Junaid Sayed, M.D. President of ISSCA’s U.S. Chapter
              (Image: Junaid A. Syed, M.D.) ISSCA President Daeyong Kim, Ph.D., has named Junaid Sayed, M.D.[...]
Top 3 Reasons we offer doctors marketing services
Here at Adimarket, we sell equipment to practices that are willing and able to add PRP and stem cell therapies[...]
Stem cell therapy’s future
Stem cells from adults were found to save the lives of leukemia patients through bone marrow transplants more than 30[...]
PRP and stem cell treatments being studied for hair loss
Hair loss is very common, with tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people all over the world[...]
How To Get Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Platelet Rich Plasma is a very important material, as it is be vital in treating bone and joint deterioration. Many[...]
Why do we side with stem-cell therapy?
PRP and Stem Cell Therapy still has a ways to go before it becomes mainstream medical practice. However, we at[...]
Global Stem Cells Group Subsidiary Stem Cell Center Network to open new facility in Puerto Rico
              MIAMI, Jan. 15, 2018—Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) subsidiary Stem Cell Center Network,[...]
ISSCA to Conduct Regenerative Medicine Training in Mexico City Feb.9-10, 2018
            ISSCA will conduct the next regenerative medicine certification training course in Mexico City, Feb.[...]
ISSCA Announces Launch of the First Bilingual (English and Spanish) Regenerative Medicine Newsletter
            ISSCA has announced plans to launch the first bilingual (English and Spanish) regenerative medicine[...]