Allogeneic Cellular Therapy Course Membership (EN)

Allogeneic Cellular Therapy Course Membership (EN)



Delivered via a series of video-lectures, voice-overs, and supporting documents, we cover everything you need to know about cutting-edge regenerative medicine procedures. From regenerative cell biology and an overview of the current cellular products on the market, to demonstrations of injections and preparation of products, our in-depth online course.
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Chapter Summary

  • Chapter 1: Regenerative Cell Biology and Basic Immunology teaches some of the basic immunology of regenerative cells, as well as what kinds of cells are available for clinical applications, and serves as a thorough introduction for anyone, regardless of how much they know about Regenerative Cells.


  • Chapter 2: Cellular Products: Characterizations, Components, and Properties teaches about mononuclear layer cord-blood-derived products, as well as what goes into making them and how the cells within these products are characterized.


  • Chapter 3: Exosomes: Characterization, Review of Growth Factors, and Cytokines serves as an introduction to the properties of growth factors, exosomes, and cytokines. Additionally, biogenesis formation and composition are discussed.


  • Chapter 4: Production, Manufacturing, and Quality Control goes over the processes required for donor screening and sample control and management, as well as laboratory processing standards and quality control testing.


  • Chapter 5: Regulatory Landscape goes over the legal status of autologous and allogeneic cellular therapies, as well as the FDA’s current stance on regenerative medicine.


  • Chapter 6: Clinical Applications & Protocol Discussion provides a clinical framework for the application of cellular products.


  • Chapter 7: Injection Demonstration provides recordings that demonstrate the preparation of products and injections.


  • Chapter 8: Additional Lectures and Medical Procedures provides a few more lectures on commonly-used cell sources and an overview of managing patient expectations.


  • Additionally, you will have access to our Condition Book, which includes detailed guides to seven groups of conditions and their treatment protocols, and a list of relevant case studies, and patient forms and guidelines.